The Great Enrico Amore will do a Show after the Sauna-Day!
In the evening he will present his Songs about Jetset-Life, Amore and
Mopeds in the famous djäzz-Club @ Börsenstr.11!


Some special offer may come your way, when you will be here!

The great Copeland/Berlin-Bike Courier and Tattoo-Artist Astrid Narud from

will be around for the XxX-YeAHs and she will “sponsor”-ink some XxX YeAHs-Skull-Logo in your Skin!
Check out her stuff, it’s really great!
She’s THE  rising Tattoo-Star, so better be quick to get some artwork from her before her appointments might be unaffordable
for a always broken Bike-Courier like you!!
Be even quicker to find her during XxX-YeAHs cause she will only do a limited amount of pieces (10-12) !

And don’t even think about moaning while she’s working on you!!

Bite it, you Scum!

xxx (2)

Print out and tag your City!

Well! We have the Mobil-Sauna and we have a great Spot where to build it up! At a BBQ and Bonfire-Spot in our beautiful Recreation area “Sechs-Seen-Platte” right at the Waterfront! No doubt about it we build up our Ramp from the 1 Year Pony Riders Anniversary! Too Cold? Harden the f*’# up! You can warm up in front of the fire or go back into the Sauna!!


A couple of weeks after we decided to do the XxX YeAHs of MeSS and already started with sharing ideas and organizing stuff, our all-known friend Juan SaFa Taco came up with the great idea of getting citys together to throw races worldwide as fundraisers for next years CMWC 2014! Sure thing we didn’t say No!

The “Sister City Cat” idea was born!

So far there are around 30 to 31 citys who are innit and hopefully still growing:
Duisburg got sistered up with the great guys from Seattle and they are planning on doing a similar thing like the  XxX-YeAHs! The Winter Mess Games will also be strating from the 27.12.2013 – 29.12.2013 and we already talked to the guys in Seattle what cool stuff we can organize together! I personally would love to have a Live-Video-Stream  on a rad Big Screen between Seattle and Duisburg to feel the vibe of our internationally bounded Mess-family! YeAH!
Here is SaFa’s idea of the Sister City Cat! Help, Support and Fundraisers for CMWC14-Mexico D.F. will be deeply appreciated. Let’s help them so they can throw us a epic worlds next year!


We’re a small click down in Mexico City, the CMWC is going to need all the fam’s help.

This is an alleycat to help raise funds for CMWC 2014.

Every city that joins will be paired with a sister city that we’ll choose for you here from DF. You need to send your sister city a work jersey and a mess t-shirt (or something similar).
Try to do the race on the same day, work together on ideas, share themes, race formats and photos. Let’s see what weird ideas come out of this!

Raise funds by collecting entry fees, doing a raffle, etc. – it’s up to you. City that raises the most money gets a free entry spot for the CMWC.

Thanks and see you in Mexico City!

Yes! We have Finns in the Organising-Comitee! Finns like to sauna! They actually like to sauna alot! Like….SAAUUUNNNAAA SAUUUNNA all day! And because we don’t want that our Finns miss Sauna-Sauna, we rented a awesome Mobil-Sauna! Get stocked for a great Wellness’n’Spa-Day at XxX! PERKELE!
Yes! We have Finns in the Organising-Comitee! Finns like to sauna! They actually like to sauna alot! Like....SAAUUUNNNAAA SAUUUNNA all day! And because we don't want that our Finns miss Sauna-Sauna, we rented a awesome Mobil-Sauna! Get stocked for a great Wellness'n'Spa-Day at XxX! PERKELE!
Our Sister City Seattle is getting ready for Winter Mess Games from 27.12-29.12! There will be cool stuff happening on both events and we have shitloads of ideas what we can work out together. THAT weekend Seattle and Duisburg will be the centers of the Mess universe! Come here or go there!


Hey New York! Ho East Coast and all you US-kids! I know flights to Europe are crazy expensive, especially around that time! To fly into Düsseldorf or Bike Syndikat’s Cologne is probably the best option! But maybe you will find something cheaper with Norwegian-Airlines to Europe! Like into Fishy Fishy Fish’s Amsterdam, which is about 200kms away! .. or Filipe Pinto’s Copeland …or…! Once you make it over the big Sea, you will make it to Duisburg, too! Thanks Brian for the Tip!

Next Puzzle Piece! Mike Makatron did this wonderful Logo for us! This Guy from Melburn is the Greatest! If you know some blank, big walls in your hometown, let him know. He will come around and spray crazy graffittis on it!